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Entering a Competition

Check Your Eligibility to Enter 

Are you eligible to enter a Figure Skating Competition?

To enter a Club, State or National Competition, you must be a member of Ice Skating Queensland (ISQ) and a member of the Iceworld Figure Skating Club (IFSC).


​If you are currently enrolled in the Iceworld Aussie Skate program, you can enter a Club competition where Aussie Skate categories are offered.

You will also need a Coach who will choreograph a program for you and help you find and cut music to perform to.

Photo by Norman Dean - On-Line Photography

Getting Ready to Enter

Talk to your Coach and discuss if the competition is right for you. 

Know your highest test level passed?  

For IJS Categories, you must have passed both the Pattern and Technical Tests to participate in the division.

Decide with your Coach which division you will compete in.

Read the Competition Announcement


All competitions have an Official Announcement detailing relevant information including important dates and times, location, divisions included in the competition, how to submit music and PPC's, how to pay, terms and conditions and how to enter.

You will need your Ice Skating Queensland membership number, Proof Of Age number and your Iceworld Figure Skating membership number. 

  1. ​​You must be a member of a state organisation - (Ice Skating Queensland).  

  2. You must also have a proof of age number (POA) which you complete as part of your application to join ISQ. 

  3. On joining the Iceworld Figure Skating Club you would have received your membership number.

Is your music ready to upload? 

  1. Skaters to perform to music, and each division and test level has a required music length. 

  2. You are required to follow the Music Protocols determined by Ice Skating Australia (ISA).

  3. In Queensland, you must submit music for all IJS divisions and Aussie Skate levels Free Skate 1 - Free Skate 4.

  4. For all other Aussie Skate levels the music will be provided by the organiser.

Learn more about Music Protocols.

Have your Planned Program Components (PPC) ready if you need one.  


  1. For IJS divisions, you must upload your Planned Program Components (PPC).  This is a list of technical elements you will perform for the division you are competing in.  

  2. Ask your Coach to assist you with identifying the elements, in skating order, for your PPC.

  3. Aussie Skate and Artistic levels are NOT required to submit a PPC.

Learn more about how to complete a PPC.

Have your Debit/Credit Card ready? 


  1. The competition announcement will outline the method of payment for entry fees.

  2. Usually, payment will be made as part of an online entry form using Debit/Credit Card.

  3. Your entry will not be complete until payment has been made.

Entering an Interstate Competition? 

All of the above points still apply and you should be ready before starting the entry process.  It is important to read the appropriate competition announcement so you know the method of entry and payment.

ISQ provides partial subsidies for interstate competition entry fees, with the exception of Aussie Skate and Artistic level entries. Refer to the ISQ Financial Assistance Policy for further information.

Email the IFSC Competition Convenor for any questions about IFSC Competitions at

Music Protocols

Music protocols are determined by the International Skating Union (ISU) and supported by Ice Skating Australia's (ISA) Music Provision Protocol.

In Queensland, all competition music must be submitted in digital format.  

Music is required for all divisions including Artistic programs and Aussie Skate Free Skate 1 - Free Skate 4.  For all other Aussie Skate levels, music will be provided by the competition organisers.

The music file must be labeled as per the ISA's Standard File Naming format which allows organisers to sort music.  For example: Junior_Ladies_FS_Jane_Smith_3min32s

This includes the Division (Junior Ladies), the segment (Short Program (SP) or Freeskate (FS)), the skater's name and running time of music (3min and 32 secs).  

Music that is not correctly named will be sent back to you.

Before submitting:

  • Listen and check that it is the correct music for your division & segment

  • Check that it plays from start to finish

  • Check the sound quality and that the volume is loud enough

  • Check that you have saved the file name according to the ISA Music Protocols


On completion of your entry, you will receive an email with a copy of your music attached. It is your responsibility to check and ensure your music is the correct piece, the timing is correct and it plays from start to finish.  


Music uploaded will not be checked by the Competition Convenor.  IFSC will not be responsible for any discrepancies.

You must also bring a backup copy of your digital music on a USB with your name, division and segment on the USB.  For example: Jane Smith, Junior Ladies, Short Program

We no longer accept CD's as backups and phones will not be accepted or played at a competition.​

What is a PPC?

Skaters who compete under the International Judging System (IJS) are required to complete a Planned Program Content (PPC) sheet.  In Queensland, this does not include Aussie Skate or Artistic categories in the competition.

You will be required to complete a PPC at the time of completing your online entry.

Is a PPC important?

PPC is one of the most important steps to entering the competition, so it is essential to submit one and complete it correctly.

The Planned Program Content is used for the following:

  • It helps the technical officials and judges to know what elements are coming next so they don't miss anything and is helpful when elements are performed close together.

  • It ensures the competition is efficient by making the review process faster - the Assistant Technical Specialist calls the type of element coming next, the Reply Operator cuts the element from start to the end and the Technical Specialist calls the element.

  • The PPC also helps the Data Operator enter the elements quickly and accurately, speeding up the review process and allowing the technical panel to focus on your skating, not on the computer system.

How to enter an element of your PPC

Check the Element Codes list to provide the correct element code for your PPC.

  1. Jumps - Only required to put the jump code and the planned rotation. ie: Single Axel = 1A

  2. Jump combinations - Separate each jump with '+'.​​ ie: Double Axel, Double Toe = 2A+2T

  3. Spins - Only enter the type of Spin. ie: Sit Spin = Sp (do not put in planned spin levels)

  4. Combination spins - Look for the correct code that explains your spin. ie:  A combination spin with a change of foot

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