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Photo by Norman Dean - On-Line Photography

Membership Year

1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

We welcome members of all ages and skating abilities and are dedicated to providing skaters the opportunity to participate in skating throughout their lifetime for fun, fitness and achievement.

You must be a current financial member of a club in order to participate in ISA tests (run by ISQ) and Club, State, National and International competitions.  

To become a member, just complete the online membership application form. Once completed, your application will be processed by the Membership Coordinator and presented to the Management Committee for approval.  

You will be contacted by the Membership Coordinator once your membership application has been approved. 

For skaters to be eligible for club subsidies and other benefits, the IFSC must be listed as your HOME club for the season.

  1. Read the Membership Policies

  2. Select the membership type to join or renew

To Join or Renew
Membership Policies

Before completing the membership form, please ensure you read the following membership policies.

Sub-Junior Member

(Aussie Skate)

All Aussie Skate and Adult Aussie Skate Levels

Includes one parent/guardian


Junior Member

Skaters under 18 years

Passed ISA Preliminary test

Includes one parent/guardian


Senior Member

Skaters 18 years and over

Passed ISA Preliminary test


Ordinary Member

NON Skating Adult Member


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