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Management Committee

The Management Committee generally has eight members who each manage at least one role on the committee.


Management Committee members are elected at the club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will hold office for a two year period, with half of the committee elected one year and the other half elected the following year.  To be eligible for election, you must be a current financial Senior or Ordinary member.

The Management Committee must include a President, Secretary and Treasurer with other roles determined as required.

The next Iceworld Figure Skating AGM will be held on Tuesday, March 14th 2023

Cheryl McKewen


Allison Van der Kooi


Competition Sub-Committee

Competition Convenor

Jane Yang (Yun Yun Yang)

Volunteers Coordinator

Leanne Boge


Betty Teo

Membership Coordinator

Donna Caley

Events Coordinator

Tina Thrasybule

Fundraising Coordinator

About IFSC

IFSC is a not-for-profit sporting organisation

Contact Us

Our home rink is located at Iceworld Acacia Ridge.

Association Rules/Policies

The Association Rules and Policies govern how we run the Iceworld Figure Skating Club

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