Aussie Skater Level Members
Aussie Skate members are important to growing the club and ensuring the development of our sport.
Starting out can be confusing with the number of groups and organisations available to join, so we have provided a brief guide to help you navigate through the system.
Aussie Skate School - joining and membership. 

Often this is where skaters first start.  The Aussie Skate School
program provides cost effective, group lessons to learn to skate and improve skating skills.  Skaters will develop and advance through a series of Aussie Skate skill levels.
The Aussie Skate program are run by the rink on Monday night, Thursday afternoon and Saturday mornings.  Please contact the rink office for more information. Ice Skating Queensland also run a STARS program on a Saturday morning.  (See Heidi for more information).
 ISQ  (Ice Skating Queensland)  -  Membership
As a skater progresses you may decide have some private       lessons with a coach or you may like to come along to afternoon figure sessions to practice.   Skaters choosing these options need to pay a small entry fee to use the ice.   

By becoming an ISQ Member you get cheaper entrance into    the figure sessions via a "Click Card".
To join or for more information on ISQ visit :

The CLUB - Iceworld Figure Skating Club

We are the local club at Acacia Ridge. So why join when you are
a member of the above (Skate School and ISQ)

Many skaters join once they are coming to the end of skater school.  To do competitions outside of Skate School you need to be a member of a club.

  • The Club offers different development programs for all skaters from skate school level and aboveTo be involved and skate at Club Championship - you must be a club member
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